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5 Mojito Recipes That Put a Spin on the Refreshing Classic

These recipes are a tropical vacation in a glass.

The mojito conjures up tropical reveries, beaches, gold sands, vacation– and there's no coincidence to this association, as the mojito's origin story opens on the seas of the island of Cuba with the infamous pirate Sir Francis Drake.

Legend says that the pirate landed on the shores of Cuba in the late 1500s and needed a remedy for his crew’s malnutrition and scurvy. A common concoction amongst the Cuban middle-class at the time consisted of Aguardiente de Caña (unrefined rum), lime, sugarcane juice, and according to some stories, mint. Whatever the mojito's origins, it has made its way across the world. The blend of fresh citrus juice, aromatic mint, a light white rum and sugar became a category of its own and has since established itself as one of the most popular drinks in the world.

For Mojito lovers looking to explore the sublime nature of the drink in its many flavors and forms, these are the riffs to try with your very own Cool Story’s Mojito Cubes:

Classic Mojito Cocktail


50 ml Water

50 ml White Rum


Drop all the cubes in the blender with water and white rum. Blend till the cubes are churned and pour into your favourite glass. Add a sprig of mint as garnish and savour.

Classic Caprioska


50 ml Water

50 ml Vodka


To make the Brazilian counterpart of the Mojito, simply switch the white rum with vodka when blending the cubes.

Watermelon Mojito


Cubed Watermelon


This one is the easiest way to get fruits into your fussy kid or to zing up your mojito with the goodness of fresh fruits. Add cubed watermelon to the blender along with Cool Story’s Mojito Cubes to make this refreshing beverage.

Berry Mojito




Seasonal fruits must be relished in as many ways as possible! To make a Berry Mojito, add a few chopped strawberries and Cool Story’s Mojito Cubes to the blender. You can add some strawberry halves or cut grapes to the drink as garnish.

Mango Pineapple Chili Mojito


10 cubes or 1 entire pack of Cool Story’s Mojito Cubes

50 ml white rum / 50 ml vodka

1 Chili


This one is a zinger. It’s a different beast and it’s not for the faint hearted.

Add 3 Mango Pineapple cubes and an entire pack (or 10 cubes) Mojito to the blender. You can add either vodka or white rum to the blender along with one whole chili (we recommend one bird's eye chili or a jalapeno, but any chili will do). Churn, serve and relish.

The beauty of the mojito is that it can be adjusted to suit everybody. Never give up on a mojito, just try a different variation.

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