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  • My cubes have been delivered in a melted state. What now?
    It's completely alright. You can refreeze them and use them! Our cubes can stay at room temperature for upto 6 hours and they won't go bad. Just freeze completely before popping and blending them for the best beverage experience.
  • My Chocolate shake cubes won't leave the tray. I want my shake now! Tell me the quickest way to get them out without waiting for them to melt!
    We get it! Simply invert the tray and place it under running tap water for a minute - This will loosen the cubes enough to pop them out of the tray but won't make them melt.
  • I left my tray out for far too long and my cubes have melted. Can I still blend and chug it?
    We understand your life is super hectic and you multitask - it's the need of the hour, isn’t it? Anyway, if you really can’t wait for them to freeze again then we recommend our hack of substituting the recommended water with ice.
  • Oh the horror! I don’t have a blender! Can I still indulge in the pleasures of Cool Story cubes?
    Of course you can! Simply leave cubes and the recommended amount of water in a shaker and let them melt. Then do the shake-shake dance and drink! Alternatively, you can also practice Dory’s “Just Keep Stirring” song and just stir the melted cubes and slurrp. PS: The temperature and texture won’t be ideal but the experience will still be a good one :) For an optimum beverage experience, we recommend you use the blender.
  • My inner mad (food) scientist has come out to play! What happens if I don’t add any water to the cubes before blending?
    The answer is simple: Your blender will protest. Vehemently. (Unless you have a crazy awesome commercial blender, in which case everything will be fine)
  • What if I *just eat* the cubes… like as is… without blending and all that?
    Lick away, mate! Spoiler alert: It’ll taste like a chilled pop of flavour!
  • Can I add the cubes in other beverages? Say, a whisky on the rocks… but with the cubes?
    We like how you think! We recommend using a few of our slushie cubes. Just drop the cubes in your glass and stir them to enjoy the magical burst of flavours.
  • Can I add milk instead of water when blending the shakes?
    Yes, you can. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the pack and measure out the milk before you add it.
  • Can I use almond milk or soy milk when blending the smoothies?
    Yes, you can. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the pack and measure out the milk before you add it
  • I don’t want a frozen slushie, just a regular thirst quencher is good. What should I do?
    Waiting is for losers. Want a lesser cold beverage now? Simply blend the cubes with hot water and you’re good to go.
  • When blending the drink, what consistency am I aiming for?
    Let’s begin by saying - Avoid the urge to add more water! Follow the instructions on the pack and rest assured, all will be well.
  • What happens if I mix more l water?
    You can, BUT we don’t recommend it!
  • How many drinks does one tray yield?
    It serves one to two people - One large glass or two cups.
  • Why not one block of flavoured ice or lesser cubes?
    This is a very popular question! We’ve done a LOT of research to arrive at the perfect size of the cubes. This size is the most home-blender friendly, so you don't have to use specialized equipment. It gives the best restaurant-like taste and consistency and it’s got the most surface area to blend easily.
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