Frozen Mocktails

Frozen Lemonade marries a plethora of fruits while herbs and condiments cheer them on. The exotic organic family of the fruits travel all the way from Malaysia to add to the sweetness of the occasion; while the naughty groomsmen, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium, raise a toast to everyone’s good health.

Frozen Lattes

Dairy, with its Calci-yummy goodness, sets the stage for Italian vanilla to do the twist with desi and videsi flavours.

Rich and Creamy

Kissing our fresh and velvety Gelato will be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye. While, the world raves about French kisses, we have it from our best sources that the art of smooching developed when people first puckered up for the gelato! To inspire the same emotion, we use authentic Italian recipes and ingredients. Try our rich handmade gelatos to know what we are talking about.

FRATTE overload
When Fratte marries Gelato!

As much as we love our Fratte and Gelato, we get even more excited about marrying the two. They really are a match made in heaven. The Fratte Overload is a scoop of gelato drenched in the perfect shot of Fratte. It’s to be enjoyed with a spoon and then sipped. Or vice-versa… how you indulge your gluttony is totally up to you.

Frozen Cocktails

Cool Story also serves a range of delicious spiked frozen cocktails; Frozen Sangria, Beer Cocktails & Frozen Mojitos to name a few of the popular ones. Currently, Spiked Frocktails are served in events and private parties to add to the revelry of these occasions.

Mellow and Healthy

Our Cold Brew Teas brew overnight (under the loving care of our Mixologist) to taste perfect for
that spicy date with flirty fruits. And although tea has a prim and proper reputation, we know
when it sets the mood just right by getting high on anti-oxidants.

Welcome to a world of brain freeze!

Where You, our Hero, journey in search of thirst-quenching taste and are richly rewarded with a refreshing and deliciously dazzling frozen beverage!


Like any story, we had our rounds of rough drafts and edits. But after tireless research and numerous taste tests (which were all pretty yum so we’re not complaining), we’ve settled on our favourite flavours and recipes. We’re proud and humbled to present to you, our new gorgeous gourmet recipes, served with love.


Try our several flavours to see which one speaks to you.

And you’ll see... they all have their own delightful stories to tell.



21,000 LITRES 

75,000 GLASSES



We cater to all types of occasions. Weddings, bachelorette parties, cocktail parties, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate and media events, photoshoots, press events, office celebrations and many more. Just call us and let us know your requirements and we will take care of the rest.


Meet The Team


Saurabh Malhotra

After working for 10 years in experiential marketing and entertainment industry,Saurabh Malhotra decided to drop the corporate formals and don the chef’s hat. His hard-work is now dedicated to his passion –the incomparable slushes. The quality and consistency in all Cool Story products are the result of his meticulousness.



Venketash Govindrajan (a.k.a. Venkey) is the main man behind the counter. He has been stirring up things since the inception. Venkey holds over 7 years experience in event production and handles operations & inventory at Cool Story.


madhvi malhotra

Madhvi Malhotra is the creative genius behind Cool Story. From the designing of the logo to the look of the café, every element is enriched by her 13 year experience as a director in the media industry.